Learn. Share. Explore. Exchange. BUKAYA!

BUKAYA means growing in Amharic language and shows the roots of our projects.


The mission of BUKAYA

BUKAYA is for teachers and individuals with a social work background who are convinced, That they want to learn and grow together through exchange with others and with each other. BUKAYA gives you the opportunity to get familiar with other cultures and school systems outside your comfort zone in a unique way. 

BUKAYA provides you with selected and proofed partners and accompanies you as a professional partner throughout the preparation phase as well as during your stay.

We support you with the following four steps

1. Selection of suitable partner institution

We focus on school projects with whom we have a personal relationship. Each project has been pre-visited by us. In the first step, we evaluate together what you would like to contribute. At the same time, we check the current needs in our partner institutions. In a talk with you, we find the right volunteer opportunity for you.

2. Guidance through the preparation

Next, we prepare you for your journey. From support for the organisation of the trip, your transfer to the place of work to first cultural insights, you will be mentored by us. This step also includes the technical preparation of your assignment. On site, our personal contacts will support you.  

3. Remote support during your stay

Because your well-being is important to us, your personal contact from BUKAYA is available to you remotely at all times. In regular online sessions with you and the responsible person on site, we review the progress of your assignment as a team. In this way, we can ensure that all parties involved can learn and grow from the exchange.

4. Learn. Share. Explore. Exchange.

After your return, we evaluate your experiences in a face-to-face meeting. Your experiences will be used directly for future volunteers, but also as feedback for our partner institutions on site. Depending on your personal interests and time resources, a further engagement via BUKAYA is free to you also after your trip.

This is our story

BUKAYA is a project by DEVENTURE and started in the remote little town Gidole in southwest Ethiopia. Eva, our main brain behind the project, went to visit the school on site a first time in 2020. 

As an experienced teacher, Eva brought a backpack of valuable knowledge to share with the local teachers. At the same time, she learned how she herself could grow through the exchange. The insight into other school systems enabled her to take away new findings for her work in Switzerland.



As per today, we support you for trips to Ethiopia and Namibia. 



We know our partners in person and collaborate only with projects we primarily visited by ourselves. 



BUKAYA is a project by DEVENTURE. We are proud to be a small project with personal contact to our partners and participants. 


Be part of BUKAYA!